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The ramblings in my head

You’d think with four other blogs, I wouldn’t need a fifth. Well, as my mother would say, “That’s what you get for thinking.” My other blogs all serve different purposes:

  1. one is my new pet project;
  2. one is to keep family, friends, and sometimes myself, updated with our life;
  3. one is to rant about my hate/love relationship with my car (sometimes it’s love/hate, but right now, the hate is stronger, since it has to go into the shop AGAIN);
  4. and one is to track my weight loss progress.

Of course, you’re asking yourself why they can’t all be rolled into one. I believe in compartmentalizing. Some family, while wanting to know what’s going on with us, will probably NOT want to hear my grumblings regarding the Goose’s SDA education. My hubby (Meshegne going forward) most definitely does not want to hear about what the car has/is costing me. I only send out updates on my weight loss to the most supportive family and friends–if strangers come across it, that’s ok. 🙂 And finally, I’m pretty good at what I do for a living, so I wanted to offer my opinions and expertise.

So, the aforementioned blogs don’t serve the purpose of letting me get what’s in my head out without having to censor everything I say which is why I decided to start #5, with a little more anonymity. I didn’t even know I had signed up for this blog until I had to stumble through finding the API key for one of my other blogs. Happy discovery.

So, hello world. This is me and the ramblings in my head.


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