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Invasion of the soul snatcher, part 1

Well, it happened a week earlier than we expected. Mom had to move in last night. I thought I had seven more days until the fun bagan. That’s not how God’s sense of humor works, I guess. So we had a fun evening—not only did she come last night, she came loaded. How she could buy alcohol, with no job and no money (since I did see her spend the $20 I gave her at the store) was beyond us. Of course, as the conversation regarding her prospects continued and Meshegne and I kept “badgering” her, it came out that no, she was not drunk. She was high. Isn’t that nice? L’il bro’s leftover gift from when he came to visit two weeks ago. Remind me to thank him for that.

Needless to say, the evening was NOT a success. She stormed off to sulk and pout, in the dark (of course—no good martyr would have it any other way). Meshegne and I, we had a nice little shag. Our non-verbal way of communicating to each other that we weren’t going to let her emotionally drain the household this time around. She has a gift of bringing everyone down (except the boys, who are impervious, thank God). If she’s miserable, God dammit, everyone should be!

Not this time.

Invasion of the soul snatcher = 0
mi familia = 1


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