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With so much sh*t going on right now, I’m having a bugger of a time focusing. Thank goodness the workload is light, and I’m ahead of schedule on my current project at my paying gig. Otherwise I’d be in trouble. I’m in this odd, melancholy-type mood and I’m having trouble shaking it. It doesn’t help that I went ahead and authorized my mechanic to start work on 2 of the 3 jobs that need to be done to my car (to the tune of about $950). The third can’t be started until the part I bought from eBay gets to him. I’m not holding out any hope that he will receive it by Friday morning (as I just ordered it this afternoon). This means I’m probably sans Saab until next Tuesday. That’s going to make moving my mom’s crap into storage a challenge. We have Meshegne’s Mountaineer, but when you’re a 2-car family, you actually get used to having two cars. I know, I know…there are people out there much worse off than me. Like my mom. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make being car-less for a week any easier.

Have I mentioned the $950? Meshegne is going to flip (if I actually choose to tell him). Since I do the books, it’s not difficult to loan myself some dough from the “slush fund” and pay it back with my spending money. Yes, we have an allowance. It keeps us (me) from spending money willy-nilly, which I’m known to do. You have to keep me on a pretty short money leash. I’ve already budgeted it in—I’ll have the “slush fund” paid back the middle of October if all goes well. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men…


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