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Invasion of the soul snatcher, part 2

It’s been one week. And mother and I have already started the bickering, eye rolling, complaining, bitching and fighting that makes up the bulk of our relationship. Saturday had us moving her crap in the rain. Of course it rained…why wouldn’t it? Then the storage unit she swore would only cost a penny ended up being $52. I guess it evened out, however, since the U-haul was only $27. Since Saturday we’ve barely managed to be civil to each other. Things have been said, feelings have been hurt, rows have ensued.

Only two more weeks to manage, however. L’il bro stepped up and booked her a flight back home on the 16th. She lasted one year here. Maybe she’s right…maybe things will be better for her back home, even if she is 1500 miles away from us.

I hope the next two weeks go better than the previous week…


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