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11 days and counting

11 days and counting until Mother goes home. Since she’s packed, unpacked, and repacked her three suitcases, her mood has greatly improved–she hasn’t been bitchy at all. In fact, she’s been uncharacteristically helpful. Doing dishes, taking the boys, helping with the new pooch–it’s positively eerie. I guess the prospect of leaving and heading home has changed her outlook.

This is a good thing. Of course I’m conflicted about her leaving, but having her here just hasn’t worked out. Of course, the little diner down the street just posted a “Help Wanted” sign. Where was that sign 3 weeks ago? (sigh)

The goose will probably miss her the most. We’ve told him that she’s going home and even though he says he understands, how can a 5-year old really grasp the concept of work/money/happiness? To him, happiness is watching “Transformers” for the upteenth time while putting himself into a sugar coma by drinking his body weight in Capri Sun. I want him to remain this way for a while longer–ignorance is truly bliss.

So I have 11 days to take advantage. Meshegne and I are heading out this evening, leaving Mother with the bear (the goose is going with daddy). I can cook up a few more outings for mommy and daddy while she’s here. 🙂


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