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Now that’s ironic!

Congrats, it's twins!

Congrats, it's twins!

I was chatting with the cool parents at The Bear’s daycare this morning, and Plant Dad commented to Mommy Curly Hair that she needed at least one more tot. Both her and I looked at him with the why-don’t-you-grow-a-uterus glare, and laughed. Hysterically.

Enter Saint Mommy. See, she had 2 tots, then showed up at daycare last year pregnant. “Wow!”, we all exclaimed. (Which translated to “You are brave, saintly, motherly, stupid, deranged, and a glutton for punishment!” Wow was right–she was having twins!

Segue back to this morning. Saint Mommy revealed her secret. It appears that last year she had gone in to have a hysterectomy.

And was told she was pregnant.

Now that’s ironic!


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